Design at de Jonge Watch aims for simplicity both in form and function of the product. We design the watches, source the best components from around the world and build them by hand ourselves. Could a manufacturer make them for us? Yes. Would they be a de Jonge? No. Our company and our watches are built on our core beliefs – quality craftsmanship, performance and the continuous drive for improvement.  

The form of our watches was developed using traditional metal working tools to produce the initial prototype. This was how the look and feel of the de Jonge brand was born. Small refinements have been made since the first prototypes but we have maintained the original focus of our design.

de Jonge Watch case drawing

Simplicity in function means a watch with everything that it needs and nothing that it doesn't. For de Jonge that means a clean dial, a lug-less case and smooth lines throughout. It means minimal parts and a watch that is easy to take apart and service.

Each de Jonge timepiece is a limited edition, produced in small quantities and individually serial numbered. We hope you appreciate the design of de Jonge Watches and we are excited to share our products with you.